St. Matthäus-Kirchhof


St. Matthäus-Kirchhof

facade design


Large-scale design of fire-proof walls and panels at St.Matthäus cemetery, Berlin Schöneberg.
The plain walls in the southern part of the cemetery were built as part of Nazi architect Albert Speer’s “Germania” scheme between 1936 and 1943. It was our intention to remind the public of the history of this place through this design and to bring a feeling of peace and safety to the area.

Idea/ approach:

The mural was created in a way that makes it integrate into the cemetery. It also reduces the grimness of the walls and deals with the historical background of this area.


We used overlapping shadows from the surrounding tombs. Interesting shapes started to emerge and people who view the mural will inevitably start searching for the shapes of the gravestones. We painted a leafy tree next to the tombs to underline the notion of impermanence.


The design and its grey tones are in harmony with the cemetery in a dignified way. The relatives of the deceased have welcomed the subtle improvement of this section of the cemetery.