interior decoration


Wall design for an apartment at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. The aim was to draw up a visionary and imaginative painting with graffiti and street art elements.  A design  offering charisma and yet without completely enveloping the room.

Idea / Approach:

The basic structure is determined by elements that have been borrowed from graffiti techniques. In talks with our customers we worked out the accents of the murals which were to consist of animal and plant motifs and to express the art of femininity.


The shades chosen for this  work were low-key shades of grey to avoid the room being clobbered and overcome by the design. The greenish shade enabled us to match the colours to the window frames in the room. The red set an accent and is found again in the furniture. Animals and plants were applied in the style of street art,  the portraiture of the women in photo realism are to generate a certain excitement. The composition of the elements was designed in such a manner that the room opens optically on the lateral sides.


The mural animates the room in a reserved manner. The atmosphere is cosy, is inviting to spend a little time, to have a look. The customer is absolutely satisfied and subsequently decided to extend the paintings to a large surface of his apartment