interior decoration


Designing the walls and main area of a cafeteria at Spitzke GmbH enterprises in Großbeeren, Berlin.
In this case we wanted to create a calming atmosphere, which has a connection to its surroundings and gives employees a chance to relax from their working day.

Idea/ approach:

We decided on a subtle design, which links in with the Japanese garden in the courtyard of the building.


The graphic representation of a bamboo grove has a spiritual connection to the Zen garden. The primary layer of bamboo with its bold blue can also be found in the paintwork on the windows. The lighter shade of grey in the background makes the image look vibrant and also makes the whole area seem more spacious.


The design remains subtle and blends in with the walls and pillars in the cantine. The atmosphere in the lunchroom has been improved considerably - the employees are happy with it have been full of praise for our work.