Haubentaucher - Berlin

Haubentaucher It took some time, but it's finished at last. thanks to Haubentaucher and everybody who took part! Yiehaaa  

Rendezvous - Berlin

Rendezvous "alone with everyone" innerfields for Samsung street ARt and Xi-Design Berlin Mural Fest     

Audi - Berlin München

Audi Advertising Berlin / München In 2012 we did with Oliver Kray an streetart advertising action for AUDI at München Airport and Berlin. Under the slogan "nothing is more impressive than a blank piece of paper" we worked out the current AUDI a 7 sportback. The car we did had more than 300 qm. Kai Branss did a great job for us while doing this documenting our artwork.

Trialog - Berlin

Trialog "nature is waiting for us to return" photo by Tim Jentsch  

Berlin Festival

Happy End   Berlin Festival 2015 and all the hidden tributes. HAPPY F...iNG WEEKEND!

Tryp Berlin

Tryp 1 and Tryp 2 wahrscheinlich der größte seiner Art... yes we did it twice thx to Emess and Tryp Hotels  

The great Wall - Berlin

The great Wall XXL Streetart in Berlin    

Adidas - Berlin

Adidas it all about fotorealism...  

Schneewittchen - Kassel

Schneewittchen in collaboration with Familie Egen and Caparol  

Marshall - Berlin

Marshall two projects with die Dixons for Marshall    

Ikea - Berlin

Ikea more than just furniture  

Panem - Berlin

Panem Hollywood in Berlin Schlesisches Tor