FischersNetz - Hamburg

FischersNetz „We all are fish in the net“ Even the fisher himself is caught in his own net. The internet. The piece is in the backyard of our social media agency in Hamburg. Fishermen, sailors and any other profession connected to seafaring have a long history in Hamburg, therefore it was obvious to use one of those. And furthermore the globalization started through ships and sailors long before there was internet, which makes the fisherman quite a multilayered motive and Hamburg the perfect place for this mural.    

present - Kiev

present "Зараз" the balance between the presence and absence of someone. A story about beeing close but missing something. Painted for the impressive Art United Us project in Київ (Kiev).    

Education - Chadera

Education "words create worlds" for the great Artists 4 Israel project in Chadera  

Eden - Köln

Eden „paradies lost“ proud to be part of the CityLeaks Festival 2017 in Cologne  

Deep sea - Trondheim

Depp sea "daily heroes business" a blessing to be with Trondheim Gatekunstfestival 2018 and all the lovely people. Andrea Rakela, Thanh Doan, Francesco Giorgino, Eleonora Avino, Pablito Zago, Ivan Blažetić Šumski, Tea Jurišić, Skurktur, Birgers Oter Utleie, Ståle Gerhardsen, Quentin Desveaux, Sylvia Stolan , Olav Åsheim, Jørgen Sellevold, Zarina Saidova, Trine Gjerde, Kim Winberg, Anette Hammer. – mit Holger Weißflog, Jakob Tory Bardou, Veit Tempich und 1UP CREW hier: Trondheim.    

Media Magdalena - Lutherstadt

Media Magdalena "our daily bread" innerfields for the KURA 2018 - Urbanes Kunst und Kulturfest in Wittenberg - Lutherstadt.    

Balkan Beasts - Berkowitsa

Balkan Beasts There's some weird annimals strolling the woods of Bulgaria. Sometimes they meet up to jam in the city of Berkowiza. innerfields for the ART FEST Berkovitsa with the glorious Iva Vasileva and Frederik Schulz    

Lilli liebt Äpfel - Tiblissi

Lilli liebt Äpfel the first big mural in Georgien Tiflis, painted for "Blick" Festival 20th - 22nd of August 2015 in Batumi.  

Reality - Los Angeles

Reality with da gang in L.A. THE HAUS - Berlin Art Bang goes Hollywood.    

You Only Live Once - Plauen

You Only Live Once for the 10th anniversary of IBUg in Plauen 2015.  

Third eye - Berlin Mural Fest

Third eye "you'll see what you want to see" innerfields for the Berlin Mural Fest thanks to Die Dixons gang for inviting us.  

Ware Liebe - Freiburg

Ware Liebe painted for Kulturaggregat as the opener for our exhibition in Freiburg. Photos by Albert Fiebig TutGutTV und Felix Grothelo      

Bärpinsel - Berlin

Bärpinsel Home Street Home featuring Stefan Strumbel  

Dein Fernseher lügt - Berlin

Dein Ferseher lügt Reuterstraße Neukölln  

Fischers Frau - Bremerhaven

Fischers Frau "how far is long distance" photos by Axel Stock  

We are - Berlin

We are "who am i? And if So, how many?" Quote: Richard David Precht innerfields for Urban Nation – One Wall -thanks for the ride.-    

Abseits - 36°31'N 5°19'W

Abseits - offside "war is a game without a winner and we do not want to be part of it" with Kai Branss.    

Hippo - Tbilissi

Hippo in Tiblissi Georgien 2016  

sellout - Limbach Oberfrohnau

sellout at the Ibug 2016 in Limbach Oberfrohnau...  

Clownplosion - Potsdam

Clownplosion Streetopia 2014